Lymphocyte Separation Medium. Density 1.077 - 1.088 g/mL, 500 ml 25-072-CV

A Sterile, Iso-osmotic Polysucrose and Diatrizoate Solution with Low Viscosity Designed for the in vitro Isolation of Lymphocytes from Diluted Whole Blood.

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Mediatech’s Lymphocyte Separation Medium is a sterile-filtered density gradient based on the adapted method of isolating lymphocytes using centrifugation techniques by Boyum. LSM is designed for the simple, rapid isolation of lymphocytes from diluted defibrinated whole blood layered on a solution of sodium metrizoate and dextran or Ficoll® and centrifuged at low speeds for 30 minutes.
Migration of blood cells through the solution during centrifugation results in the formation of density specific layers. Lymphocytes and other mononuclear cells form a distinct band between the serum and LSM fractions. Lymphocytes are recovered by aspirating the plasma layer and then removing the cells. Excess platelets, LSM, and plasma can then be removed by cell washing. For best results, use blood drawn less than two hours before. Do not use blood more than 24 hours from when it was drawn.